: Help icons

On the website you will find help icons () that provide additional information. A help icon gives a brief description when hovered over, or it links to this page. For example, the map has an icon that provides additional information about filtering map items, and the page for adding organizations has an icon for selecting multiple counties or municipalities.

Data Entry
  • On the map page, go to the upper right-hand corner and click on Sign In.
  • Create a login and password for yourself. This will bring you to an Organizations page.
  • Click on the Add Organization button on the top left of the page.
  • When you encounter the symbol, hover on it for help. For example, if you wish to enter more than one county or more than one municipality for your project, the symbol tells you to hold down control (Command on Mac) to select more than one location.
  • Enter your information and click Submit — you are on the Map!
  • Please note that if there is no activity on the page for more than 30 minutes, you will be timed out and need to log in again.
Editing your information

Once you have submitted information on your initiative, and you are logged in, your login name will display on the upper right hand corner of whatever page you are on. Click on your user name (or the arrow to the right) to get a list of options.

To change the User information for your initiative, select Contact Info, edit your information and click Update Information. To change the listing information for your initiative, select Organizations. This will take you to the a list of the organizations you have entered. To the right of the listing is an Edit button and a Remove button.

The Edit button will take you to the Data Form — make your changes and click Update to have the changes reflected on the map. If you click the Remove button, you will get a message asking you if you are sure you want to delete. If you choose to continue, it will delete your initiative from the map. Do this with caution; a deleted organization can not be undone and must be reentered.

Using the Map View

You can zoom in or out by using the + or - signs in the upper left hand corner. The areas served by the initiatives on the map are color coded, as shown in the Service Areas box in the upper left hand corner. Municipal level initiatives are magenta, countywide are blue, and statewide are gold. Countywide initiatives show a dot at the county seat, and statewide projects show a dot in Augusta. Initiatives may have more than one location, which are displayed at the corresponding position on the map.

Clicking on a dot will bring up a list of one or more projects for that service area. Scroll up or down to see the whole list. Use the X in the upper right hand corner of the popup window or click on another location to close a popup window.

The number to the right of the project name is the number of locations for that project. This number may be greater than the number of organizations listed if the organization serves multiple locations. Zoom in to get finer granularity on the map. Clicking on the + sign to the left of the name will bring up the whole description. Or you can click on the name to be taken to a page with a description and other details for that initiative.


You can search for organizations registered with the website by using the Search box in the menu bar. The keywords are matched against an organization’s Focus Areas, Entity Types, Activity, description, or organization name.

Map Filters

The default filter available on the right side of the map is for Focus Areas. You can toggle all the filters on or off, or select the specific ones you wish.

Advanced Map Filters

For more filter options, click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the filters box. This will bring up filters for Type of Entity and Activity. In addition, the organizations may be filtered by ANDing (logical conjunction) or ORing (logical inclusive disjunction) the attribute columns. This is achieved by selecting the desired radio button in the upper right corner of the filters box.

Using the List View

On the top menu bar of the map page, click List View. By default, 25 initiatives are displayed at a time. You can adjust the number displayed by clicking on the drop down list by the number 25 in the upper right hand corner of the list. You can also select which columns to display by clicking on the list box to the right of the number 25.

Each column can be sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order. To see a full listing for an initiative, click on its name.

You can filter the list by Focus Area, Type of Entity, Activity, or keywords. For a more robust search, use the Search box in the menu bar, which is available on every page of the site.


If you are having difficulty using the map, please email: info@climatesolutions.org